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Loved this, what i liked most about it was the great ending with the line about the credits, it really is so true. I thought that your voice acting was great, you nailed the characters you were trying to depict. The comedy was sharp and funny. If there was one thing that was missing with your short it would have to be the lack of animation, but you thought of clever ways to cover up that. Overall this was fantastic and i will be sure to check out the other submissions in the series, keep up the great work.

Well Done

This was a really enjoyable little animation that you put together here, i loved your character designs and the landscape you created. The highlight for me had to be the use of the actual soundtrack at the climax to the short as it really built up the piece for an ultimate finale. The idea was well executed and i loved how you had the character shoot an arrow to his face, with little damage. Overall its a tremendous effort and shows your talents in animation.


From some of the greatest minds on all of newgrounds comes this superb 10 second flash epic that delivers what it sets out to do. The highlight for me had to be the voice acting the way the line is sung was just superb. The graphics were only decent though, could be improved on to be honest. The overall effect of this flash can only be described as monumental.

Little-Rena responds:

i know right, is that 1 point for every second

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This game delivers just what the majority of the newgrounds populous need, a fast paced game that doesn't take long to finish at all and never gets boring as a result. The graphics are simple and i don't think that they needed to be any more sophisticated because we understood what everything was meant to be, although i did notice special attention to detail with the bird. The music tracks you've used for the background were great and kept the upbeat feel of the game going. The gameplay itself was fun and the way you incorporated all the different items was quite logical. Overall the game was superbly done and you should feel proud with the way the game has come out.


The interactive side to this was quite fun, i like how i was in charge of the way the pattern was to turn out. I thought the highlight of your flash effort had to be that great piano piece you had for the background music, awesome stuff. The only thing i would have changed would be the tone of the colors you have selected as they come off as dull and dark. Overall it was very simple but it had a good deal of intrigue and entertainment.

philos27g responds:

Thanks, what colors do you think would be good?


A few tips to help you fix this, firstly change the resolution so that i dont see the white parts in the background, secondly have an end to it, instead of being open ended with an option to go for a high score after it, thirdly try adding some music as it will add to the fun of the whole experience. The things you have done right, firstly i thought the text messages that appear on the bottom left were funny, secondly the character designs were great, thirdly the gameplay was easy to pick up on. Overall a lot of work needs to be done to make this a more well rounded game.

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I like how you kept a certain pattern to the piece the whole way through, i liked the voice clip you added in here too. Overall a very well done piece of music, sounded good all the way through.


Hellavon responds:

Thanks :) I rlly appreciate the positive feedback, It's what keeps me at my desk ;D


Wow that was an incredible sound, to be honest with you i actually had tingles running up my spine listening to this, this would go well with a horror flash.



Liked the fast pace of your audio and when you started to really have the guitar building up i knew i was listen to something special, well done.


Zero-Resurrected responds:

Thanks for the good review! I appreciate it.

I would like to give as many authors as i can, straight to the point feedback with my reviews. So it would be nice if you could return with a response :)

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